This blog is a record of the wine that I make and drink. Each flavour made and each bottle drunk will appear here. You may come to the conclusion that, on the whole, I should be drinking less.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Orange Wine 2012 - Final Bottle (A5), 30th May 2015

Until I cleaned and moved my wine bottles last weekend, I had forgotten entirely that we still had a bottle of Orange 2012 left. Saturday night was appropriate to finish it off. Claire cooked a chicken teggine from her new book of Morrocan recipes, and it was full of citrus, garlic, olives and dried fruit. This was cooked in the ceramic pot that Rachael gave us one Christmas and which has only been used the once. Everything was delicious and this bottle of wine, aged for three years, had a smooth dry orange taste.

I spent the rest of the evening catching up on my 'house move' diary. I now have between three and five diaries on the go: this one, my holiday diary, a book of walks (which I write in very rarely, so hardly counts) and the house move diary. Except that last one is split into two: buying and selling. Five diaries suggests self-obsession and maybe is about four too many.

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