This blog is a record of the wine that I make and drink. Each flavour made and each bottle drunk will appear here. You may come to the conclusion that, on the whole, I should be drinking less.

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Rhubarb Wine 2019 - Fifth Bottle (A6), 7th November 2020

Of course today's big news was the US election being called for Joe Biden - and the World suddenly feels like a better, safer place. I have been fascinated - unable to stay away from The Guardian live feed. We celebrated with a Manhattan (shared via Zoom with the Bentcliffe Massif) and then this bottle of rhubarb wine, which as always was a decent bottle.

The Snarkalong Film Club watched Dangerous Liaisons - the last third of which is a masterclass in acting, all about sexuality and power. The first two thirds, though, are just so cruel.

A Manhattan in our front room


  1. Hello again Ben

    Glad to see you celebrated as well. The news was such a relief to me that I still can hardly believe it. I felt about a foot taller after voting for Biden/Harris on election day, but I was panic-stricken the rest of the week during the count.

    It was 10am locally on a Saturday when we got the news, and my wife and I immediately opened champagne (well, dry California sparkling wine) to celebrate. It was too momentous to delay.

    Here's to a better four years!

    1. Hello Robert

      I am always a little wary of putting my political allegiances up on my blog: I'm not someone who will cut another dead for having different political views, but I am aware that many do. In fact, when I posted this, I did wonder if it would stop you coming to the blog - what with you being in South Dakota and me making assumptions about the general political feeling there. But I am very pleased that you and I are in agreement here.

      10 a.m. for a bottle of champagne is a class act. I hope it gave the day an extra sparkle.

      I don't imagine that the next 4 years are going to be easy, and the healing of what feels like two separate nations is going to be difficult and slow. But I do believe humanity will heal.


  2. I understand the worry, particularly with the intensity of political divides at this time. But this election was something different; the stakes were so high. I'm glad you posted on it, even if just to reinforce that citizens of other countries were just as concerned.

    You are right to reckon that South Dakota leans far enough right to tip over, but there are exceptions of course. I, like you, hesitate to write someone off for political disagreement. One of my favorite friends, a man of wide-ranging learning and great humor supported Trump (I have not determined how), though not loudly and openly. It hasn't stopped me from loving him; I just don't raise the subject.