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Friday, 29 April 2011

Crab Apple Wine - Bottle D6, 28th & 29th April 2011

I have spent most of today avoiding the Royal Wedding. Though I'm not a Republican, there is only a certain amount of fawning I can stand. Radio 4, at half past eight this morning had Sarah Montague being earnest, discussing what the happy couple might do after their honeymoon. I turned the dial quickly to Radio 3 and did not turn it back until 5:30. Whereupon, Carolyn Quinn was reporting on the hundreds of thousands still lining The Mall. Two stiff gins and finishing this bottle of Crab Apple wine seemed like the only proper solution.

We drank the wine to a meal of bean-burgers, a tomato sauce (not ketchup) and coleslaw with homegrown rocket dressed in a horse-radish oil. Sensibly, I am now on the bush tea and we will not open another bottle tonight.

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  1. I think the gins were both an admirable and practical solution to what was a tedious marital spectacle. It had the same effect on me in Australia.

    My solution was both less cultured and probably more brutal! Two stiff rums,followed by shiraz with a veal pasta.