This blog is a record of the wine that I make and drink. Each flavour made and each bottle drunk will appear here. You may come to the conclusion that, on the whole, I should be drinking less.

Saturday 8 June 2013

Elderberry Wine - Ninth Bottle (A5), 2nd June 2013

It being my mother's birthday today I have not only spoken to her but both her brothers. My vague and half-formed plans of going to Nebraska later this year look like they may become reality. It has stopped being one of those jobs that I am forever putting off for no good reason (other than I have yet to do it) and I am now starting to get excited.

My mother and uncles can all talk for a very long time, and during each conversation I had a glass of elderberry wine to hand. By the time it was Quin's turn I was well on the way to Tipsy. The wine has matured nicely, and has a rich, deep taste. We drank it to a spicy sausage and lentil casserole followed by a Queen of Puddings with stewed rhubarb instead of jam. All delicious, and now I must sleep.

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