This blog is a record of the wine that I make and drink. Each flavour made and each bottle drunk will appear here. You may come to the conclusion that, on the whole, I should be drinking less.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Hedgerow Wine - Bottle 4, 15th-17th March 2012

Wednesday was the WYSO AGM (and that is far too many acronyms in the space of a sentence). Which is irrelevant to this bottle, because I realise we didn't open it until Thursday. I drank that evening's share to sausages and mash, followed by a long hot bath.

Ordinarily we would have finished the bottle on Friday, but I was too sleepy for even a glass after returning from the Wakefield G & S (there - another acronym) Society production of H M S Pinafore, which was all rather jolly in an am-dram kind of way. Buttercup and Captain Corcoran were both good, and the other leads were variable.

Coming back through Wakefield on a Friday night was eye opening. I'm sure dresses never used to be quite that short.