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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Pineapple Wine - Third Bottle (6), 24th May 2014

We had a Lab Day Out in York today. Various members of Claire's lab, their partners and children spent the early afternoon in the Railway Museum, the late afternoon at Heworth Green eating rhubarb pie, and the evening at Alistair Droop's troughing fish & chips and drinking pineapple wine.

I enjoyed the Railway Museum more than I have in the past, and spent most my time comparing and contrasting the Royal Carriages. Edward VII won hands down on elegance and style.

The pineapple wine was far better received than I had expected, though Duncan made shuddering grimaces when trying it. There was an unexpected smell of chocolate to the wine and it had a strong tropical fruit taste. Aeryn (who is 8) declared it the best alcohol she has ever tasted, but I was assured by anxious parents that she had little with which to make the comparison.

Interior of Edward VII's train

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